Vintage Trucker Hat

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This hat is so dope, y’all! It’s a super high quality hat with an embroidered design which will last forever and never scratch off like vinyl prints.

This design was inspired by a funky 1970s style t-shirt nightgown my mom wore when she was pregnant with me in 1980! That shirt had a tomato on the vine and said “Hot Tomato.” I actually wore it through all 7 of my own pregnancies, so it’s a super special design. I used grapes in this design as a play on the word vintage. (Fun fact: I’ve been a web/graphic designer for 20 years).

It would make a great Christmas present for anyone in your life who loves vintage or a great thing to ask for when someone asks YOU what you want for Christmas (personally, I always struggle to figure out what to ask for so it’s always nice to have something easy and small to ask for!)

• 47% cotton, 28% nylon, 25% polyester
• Structured, five-panel, high profile
• Flat bill
• Snapback closure
• Head circumference: 21⅝″–23⅝″ (53.3 cm–58.4 cm)

Size guide

  A (inches) B (inches) C (inches) D (inches)
One size 20 ½-⅝ 4 ½ 2 ⅝ 7 ½

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