Curb Vulture Culture

Welcome to all my new vintage lovers!

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I sell vintage furniture, but that wasn’t always the case. After realizing a trip to Hawaii with my family of 9 put us in massive debt, I got insanely depressed.

After a lot of Lauren Diagle's “Rescue” on repeat, I got an idea. I went out in the late hours of the night, before my neighborhood’s trash pickup day, and picked up anything discarded and headed to the landfill. Then, I sold it on Facebook Marketplace.


Sometimes it was a dresser that just needed wood glue to fix a broken drawer or sometimes it was an outdated lamp. I didn’t care. As long as I was absolutely certain it was meant for the trash, I picked it up, cleaned it and staged it for selling.


Desperate times call for desperate measures.


Never in a million years could I have guessed that what started out of absolute shame and sadness would come to be the joy of my life. Not only did selling other people’s outcasts pay off my own debt, but paid for my daughter’s braces and a popup camper that would help our family take more cost-effective vacations.


Unfortunately many items left on the curb (hence the name Curb Vulture), were in such disrepair that often I was left with more work than I really wanted. That’s when I turned to vintage reselling. I found some MCM smoked glasses mirrors at the local Goodwill for $15 and sold them for $30.


I, also, scored an entire 10x20 storage unit FULL of vintage furniture and glassware for $50! Yes, $50!!! It was insane. My very long driveway was covered in antique settees, MCM chairs and enough teacups to have a party with the Queen of England.


Needless to say, I was absolutely overwhelmed. But thanks to my large family and one very amazing friend, I was able to unload and sift through everything. I was posting to Marketplace like a crazy women. I met some of the most amazing people during that first year of selling. But what really came out of my experiences was a deeper love for vintage furniture and housewares than I already had.


Fast forward a bit, and here I am…selling some of the most amazing vintage furniture to you guys!

So hello! And thanks for reading my story.


Love, Life & Vintage,

-Curb Vulture